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THE COMPANY TRANSE EXPRESS, Inventors of Imagination

Transe Express performs in open spaces to provoke an encounter with the audience. Without limitations, several artistic mediums and modes of expression are the ingredients for our creators. Music, visual arts, circus skills, fire, literature, metallurgy, opera, rock, dance, with a preference for theatre are cornerstones of our philosophy. Shock creations which at times invest a stage, non-conventional spaces but principally the streets ; Intriguing the public in their everyday lives ; Unique adventures to transform a city, to create a strong moment of an era. The team is constituted of a hundred actors, acrobats, bell ringers, dancers, percussionists, singers, string quartets, welders, technicians, forgers and others that make up the motley crew who regularly realizes the projects of the Company: Ephemeral creations or repertoire shows, close proximity, aerial or ambulating spectacles – that’s Transe Express!


During the middle age the buffoons juggled in the court of their Masters. In the 18th century, the travelling acrobats played their comedies on trestle stages. At the beginning of the 20th century, the saltimbanques harangue their public on the very pavement! In the 1970's, the public amusers conquered the agglomerations and outskirts of the cities. Today, man has turned skywards. In the 1990's, inspired by Calder, Transe Express invents “Celestial Art”. This new form of expression produced strong images perfectly adapted to large scale audiences, where the public just lift their eyes to enter in a surprising universe: "At last, a show where everyone can see perfectly, even if there are 10 000 persons…" An alternative to the eternal firework displays to close traditional, large scale, popular celebrations. Transe Express proposes large scale creations that address the city whilst chatting to the architecture. The company has used the verticality of aerial shows throughout its different productions, offering the public the best visibility, and writing down its monumental images in the maze of the city. Transe Express has explored the length and breadth of cities with parades and processions, playing with the mobility of the public. Their experiences with the masses, especially for the occasion of grand celebrations pushed Gilles Rhode to re-examine the conditions of visibility offered to the public. This naturally led to the quest of finding unnumbered spaces where the show would be perfectly visible as a whole, conserving each drop of integrity for each spectator. Suddenly, he passed the urban horizon line and opened the celestial vault. After the City, the skies have become the new artistic territory, a new arena. For each show, Gilles Rhode invented a mobile on which he suspends his characters. He creates a world in movement, playing with the fluidity of air. Each mobile is an airborne structure, a poetic machine transporting the imagination of the spectator, lifting their regard and their emotions.

Thierry Voisin, Extract of Rue de la Folie, juin 99


Law 1901 Association, the company defines its goals as follow: promote and create entertainment in rural and urban places throughout dance, music and other spectacular technics. Thanks to its participation at major events (Olympic Games of Albertville, the Doors of Year 2000, les 2000 Coups de Minuit in Paris…), Transe Express has gained an artistic and institutional acknowledgement. It radiates in France and Europe and diffuses its shows in the whole world (the company has performed in more than 50 countries and on the 5 continents). Based in the Rhône Alpes region for 30 years, Transe Express has settled its premises in Eurre , at an artist base called “La Gare à Coulisses”, a center for street arts in the Val de Drôme area, where it develops artistic creations.


+ Pluridisciplinary: Without any limitations, the artistic genres and modes of expression are used by this team of creators. Music, fine arts, acrobatics skills, circus, fire, literature, mechanics, metallurgy, rock, lyric art, etc. with one constant: theater to reveal the resolution of our spectacular adventures. This is why we're calling it Intervention Theater.   With one permanent motivation: meet the public and play in public space.

+ Urban space: This rough space not always adapted to outdoor shows requires much rigor. Being seen and heard by the audience, whether 200, 2000 or 20000 people, implies specific choices. As the function makes the object, from these problems will arouse shrewd solutions and innovations imagined by our creators and built by our teams.