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ico mu

Aerial large
scale performance.


Audience : unlimited

Duration : 50 mn

Team : 18 person


important Kinematic of fluids


1/ Show presentation:

Upside down

Mù – Kinematic of fluids is a fantastic and poetic trip through the material.
The mystics call it Genesis. Scientists name it the Big Bang. We'll just play poets and evoke sensitively the origin of the material. We will play the alchemists and walk you through the table of elements.
A trip ‘From the Earth to the Moon’ follows the footsteps of the giant Jules Verne. You will go through all states, transfigured by the music of stamen instruments from a land anemone and sounds of a star in a perpetual motion.
Salamander gargoyles straight out of their mineral sleep will serve you as a catalyst to walk through fire without burning your wings; you will fly on the croup of an air stream and prepare for the big dive into the heart of the abyss.
Like in a Jérôme Bosch painting, fish leave the bowl and the machinery becomes organic- it’s by the siren song we will be all immersed in the same euphoria bath of sea floor.

One city, one night

In the heart of the city, emerging from a faint glow, one guesses a silhouette perched on two containers.
Is it a giant clam, a dinosaur egg, a hyper pumpkin, a meteorite or the remains of an UFO?
The crowd who gathers around will suddenly discover a tiny gardener on the hook of the crane. A winged woman equipped with a watering can will water here and there the flowers on balconies, the trees and everything she finds in her wake: the city is her giant garden ...
Making a way through the crowd, a horde of surrealist objects conducted by a shaggy and weathered by time figure, arrives just in front of the drizzle from the sky.
It leaves to a furious outbreak of the giant shell, foreshadowing a ballet between earth and heaven, promising an adventure and a life-saving journey in the middle of a bright school of fish, which will take them over the elements to the track to the stars.

Between earth and sky

Mù – Kinematic of fluids is the new creation 2015 of Transe Express.
Mù is a large scale aerial performance, monumental and bright, where music, images, physically and technical prowess will make your heart beat faster.
Designed as an immersion in the material, the show involves a monumental structure, which opens like a giant music box.
Handled by a telescopic crane, a sculpture in the air dialogues with an articulated structure perched on two containers.
Bright parades created by twenty local volunteers will immerse the crowd in a collective narcosis.
The Show was created by the new and former artistic team of the company.